Lockdown you gonna heard it right

Stayed at home, figured it out

Standstill mirror it out.

Come out with something

Never be in doubt

’This the season, to adapt lockdown .

Nothing in between

Please bear in mind

Watered clear, or paint a black .

Effused mind enthusiast

Lot of reasons to make us alive,

Thankfully gonna make it alright.



The day is just one very ordinary and while sitting on the other end side of the bed, with my Tornado, suddenly I was all very inspired to write something here. Then, this ”One Lazy Afternoon ” pop up in my head.

The thing running in my mind is that, giving ourselves a rest is something that we will be benefited from it. As a mother to Jericho and one blogger and aspiring writer or poet, I’ve come to realize that whenever I am trying to force myself to meet all the end time of any activities I had, then the more I can not do it.

Here are my practices in order to get back on my track:

1.) worry not – the more we think we are running of time and be too much stressful, the more we are losing energy.

2.) smile – whenever we smile, the lighter the burden we had .

3.) feel good -avoid negativity, but rather look at things with inspiration and positivity.

4.) be thankful – To God, that we are all alive and putting in my head: JUST TO LIVE ONE DAY AT A TIME.

Those are just simple and very practical ways of practicing RELAXATION! How about you? Can you add some of your magical thinking to spend your ONE LAZY AFTERNOON?

Thanks for dropping by ❤️


A child staring into the distance
Looking for an answer
He found it in the book of life.

Therein lies the guide of life
Love, forgive, love the parent
And what is achieved is an abundance of life.

But the world is very colorful
You, me, we have the freedom to move
Choose the path to life.

In case of stumbling
Come get up, get up immediately
Trust God for the beauty of life.

Wewe Gamboa