Overcoming anxiety, negativity, and frustration!

With the world that is going on right now, who can tell that life is easy? No one, except for those people who lived a very comfortable life, and yet it’s not all a guarantee that having everything at the tip of your hand, life, would be perfect!

When we are children we tend to live in a magical world! No worries, and we mostly just enjoy life. As children, we are dependent on our parents and our duties are just simply to play and eat and study our lessons, that’s how our world evolved. Yet, not all are very blessed, other children at a very young age tend to work to help their parents. Other children experience selling newspapers, flowers, etc to help their families. On the part of the parents, it gives them anxiety, and frustration, and yet they continue to thrive to survive together with their children. Sometimes parents are busy raising their children and oftentimes neglected to understand the importance of family planning.

Whether we are one Catholic or born again Christian, and have our practices about family planning, it all sum up to being one responsible parent. On the other hand, if we can manage to grow a large family then well in good.

Why family has an important role in society and what is the connection between anxiety, frustration, and dealing with all emotional problems physical, mental, and spiritual well-being? All starts within the family, then the community, and the society! Can we imagine if one responsible parent raises one happy family, then no one will be suffering getting anxiety that can inherit from parents and passed through their children? There are other areas where and how anxiety has been developed and yet if we study closely it all starts between a couple who get married and starts a family and eventually had their children. Whatever problems and struggles we went through in our life, we must admit those are the examples we passed on to our children. How we handle our difficulties in life, our struggles, and our frustrations will just continue to pass to every generation. Anxiety should stop and will be greatly healed starting from our own family!

Let’s get in more deeply into family problems. Not all children are raised in a perfect family! Others are blessed to grow both with their parents beside them. While others grow up either with their mother or with their father. Others grow up with their biological parents and others with their foster parents. Each one of us might experience emotional struggle at a very young age, however other children can cope easily while others might go through getting anxiety or depression. Family plays a big role in how children grow one mentally strong individuals or one surviving mankind. If you are the product of a broken family or one happy family, how you deal with struggles can limit getting that anxiety or depression in life.

How to cope with depression or anxiety?

1. It is important to open up with someone! Either with your parents or siblings or close friends.

2. If you need therapy, it’s a healthy way to overcome your anxiety. No shame in that, it’s acceptable by society and only means you love yourself!

3. Do some exercise!

4. Discover your hidden talent, it will help you feel good and will help you feel complete and stable!

4. Pray and increase your faith in Our God!

5. Believe in yourself

6. Be positive

7. Stay healthy, eat healthily and think healthier !

8. Be happy, smile!

9. Be inspired in life!