One good read I’ve found saying: a wise man knows when to talk and not. We all know here on the internet a lot of articles we can find giving us advice and ideas on how we can probably hold onto our emotions.

The truth, it is not easy right? If we are going to dig deep down all about issues and concerns related to processing our emotions, then a thousand words are not all enough to tackle it. For instance, you are in a situation that suddenly triggers your emotions, you’ve been provoked, or let say someone hit your ego. In those situations how we can assure ourselves everything is under control? No one could tell actually. There are so many reasons why we can not control our level of emotions :

The following are a list of those emotional contributing elements :

1. we are hungry

Yes! Would you agree with me? When someone’s tummy is in trouble, chances are he can easily flare-up .

2. Heartbroken

It is not true, come to think of it? A person who is mending a broken heart is the kind of person who has that feeling of the high level of angry bird feelings.

3. Upset/Disappointed

Can you imagine making a joke to a person who is upset, disappointed either .Only if we know that person is dealing with that level of emotions, then we surely avoid giving additional provocative acts right ?

4. Financial difficulties

They say money is the root of all evil, and yet to have financial difficulties in life is much harder to carry on in your luggage. It occupies all your well-being when you’re not prayerful and hopeful it gives so many emotional disabilities. Chances are you’re easily losing your self-control in every situation.

Those listings are only a few of a lot of reasons why we are having emotional distress or hindrances.

Here, I provided some very realistic and natural solutions or remedies to process our emotions :

1. Pray

It is the most miraculous way I can do whenever I am in my hardest battle .

2. Stop / Breathe in, breathe out

It can relax our mind and body, resulting in easily come back to our senses.

3. Accept discussion not arguments!

There’s nothing we can not resolve when we accept the idea of DIALOGUE. Yes, there is magic in sitting down in chairs and accept that good talking.

4.meditation / workout

It is not only giving you the best shape, clear mind but most of all workout inspires your whole being. It makes you feel good, confident, and beautiful.All resulting in a lighthearted mind, soul, and spirit

5. Ask for help

Sometimes all we need is somebody to share our feelings right? When we open up to them, we feel good and things runs smoothly right?

How about you? What are your strategies or ways of processing your emotions? Please feel free to write in the comments below. I would love to hear your magical thoughts. Thanks for dropping by.

Much LOVE,