Overcoming anxiety, negativity, and frustration!

With the world that is going on right now, who can tell that life is easy? No one, except for those people who lived a very comfortable life, and yet it’s not all a guarantee that having everything at the tip of your hand, life, would be perfect!

When we are children we tend to live in a magical world! No worries, and we mostly just enjoy life. As children, we are dependent on our parents and our duties are just simply to play and eat and study our lessons, that’s how our world evolved. Yet, not all are very blessed, other children at a very young age tend to work to help their parents. Other children experience selling newspapers, flowers, etc to help their families. On the part of the parents, it gives them anxiety, and frustration, and yet they continue to thrive to survive together with their children. Sometimes parents are busy raising their children and oftentimes neglected to understand the importance of family planning.

Whether we are one Catholic or born again Christian, and have our practices about family planning, it all sum up to being one responsible parent. On the other hand, if we can manage to grow a large family then well in good.

Why family has an important role in society and what is the connection between anxiety, frustration, and dealing with all emotional problems physical, mental, and spiritual well-being? All starts within the family, then the community, and the society! Can we imagine if one responsible parent raises one happy family, then no one will be suffering getting anxiety that can inherit from parents and passed through their children? There are other areas where and how anxiety has been developed and yet if we study closely it all starts between a couple who get married and starts a family and eventually had their children. Whatever problems and struggles we went through in our life, we must admit those are the examples we passed on to our children. How we handle our difficulties in life, our struggles, and our frustrations will just continue to pass to every generation. Anxiety should stop and will be greatly healed starting from our own family!

Let’s get in more deeply into family problems. Not all children are raised in a perfect family! Others are blessed to grow both with their parents beside them. While others grow up either with their mother or with their father. Others grow up with their biological parents and others with their foster parents. Each one of us might experience emotional struggle at a very young age, however other children can cope easily while others might go through getting anxiety or depression. Family plays a big role in how children grow one mentally strong individuals or one surviving mankind. If you are the product of a broken family or one happy family, how you deal with struggles can limit getting that anxiety or depression in life.

How to cope with depression or anxiety?

1. It is important to open up with someone! Either with your parents or siblings or close friends.

2. If you need therapy, it’s a healthy way to overcome your anxiety. No shame in that, it’s acceptable by society and only means you love yourself!

3. Do some exercise!

4. Discover your hidden talent, it will help you feel good and will help you feel complete and stable!

4. Pray and increase your faith in Our God!

5. Believe in yourself

6. Be positive

7. Stay healthy, eat healthily and think healthier !

8. Be happy, smile!

9. Be inspired in life!


A cup of L❤️ve

Monday morning

Here’s a serving cup

It’s a sweet caress and a hug

Here comes Tuesday

One cup of tender kisses

You wake up

One sunny Wednesday

Sip it with hot morning forgiveness!

Oh hey there, now is Thursday

Why not try a cup of togetherness

And yay it’s Friday

Let’s try a cup of dance!

Nevertheless wow it’s here, comes Saturday !

Serve me a cup of flowers 🌹

Oh at last its finally…Sunday

It’s the best cup of love ❤️



In your life, it is up to what certain point you gonna use and stay with these three very important words. How are you gonna apply to someone very important with you, like perhaps with your spouse, wife, friends or any family members?

Talking of living, how you defined living- it is the condition of being alive. But how we can use living in another sentence like when you say they were living under the same roof, or I’ve been living in the same apartment too long with this person or with your family members or you may say: I feel like I just started living again Or you may say I can no longer take living with this person in one roof… In whatever circumstances this word “living “ put or defined where you are now, then I wish we all could wonderfully apply it and help us think wisely.

How about loving a person? Is it healthy continuously love a person who is no longer treating you correctly? When he’s belittling you or making you feel bad with his verbal abuse. In the Bible, we are being taught to forgive 70×7 times and we can still apply it but that doesn’t mean allowing a person to continuously hurt you physically or mentally. How are you gonna love a person when he’s no longer giving you respect or someone is humiliating you? How we can at the same time follow God’s words to love a person in case of couple situations when upon your matrimony you vowed to one another that in sickness and in health, in poorer or richer till death do us part you will love that person? Perhaps as much as we wanted, events, scenarios, and other contributing factors inside the marriage for example, or any form of relationship can affect whatever commitment we tried to meet

And as much as we wanted to love and stay in that relationship we opt to say: No! I’d rather get my freedom back…

And lastly, the word leaving..When is the right time to say: Enough is enough? How do you define leaving by the way? Practically for me, it is easy to define : it is farewell to one person or be detached or set boundaries? Leaving could be mean ending your relationship with one person? Or in a positive way, it can be mean leaving all those burdened that weigh you down for so long. Whatever way these “leaving” words bother or help your life I wish you could identify its best.

Happy Sunday everyone! Thank you for your time reading this Sunday’s thoughts of mine.


Rhythm of Silence

Silence sometimes kills, and yet oftentimes it is healing. Whenever I am feeling a little bit sad contrary hearing nothing at all is all the remedy.

It is the time when you can reflect, do soul searching, make some meditation. Think about what you’ve done, where you go so far, and analyzing things over.

Silence allows you to hear your soul, and at the same time hear other souls. It’s a bouncing conscience that lets you purify your own.

Allowing silence beautifies and cleanses the mind. It leads to clarity and a peaceful heart. Erasing pain, and serving and giving a new and loving heart.

Let silence be your magnetic vibes. Dance with it and enjoy its rhythm. Hear the chirping birds, hear your laughter, and cry. That makes you stronger day and night.




Weekend Roundup

Days running very fast

Here you come, Monday

I woke up, feeling inspired

Everyone busy with their tasks

Not knowing it’s Tuesday !

Another day, a new beginning

People work, mindful and thriving

We sleep and Wednesday arises!

Workouts, self-care and some reads this day

Hello, not knowing it’s Thursday!

What’s up to this day?

Some blogging, and little writing ✒️

Oh, thank God it’s Friday!

We survive, we are alive !




What is assemble mean to you?



I can’t think of good read to write today, but then this powerful word cross upon my head and here I am truly inspired to write all things related to miracle.

We all know we had this Pandemic all across the globe .And it stops our normal way of living. Others just patiently waiting on their home what will be next? And other people remained hopeful and keep on believing things will go back to normal .

But hey come to think of it, life must go on? And we all just have to look around and count every little thing as a miracle. Imagined we are still alive and kicking and surviving. It is more than enough to keep on thriving.

For the moment we opened our eyes each in everyday it is already one blessings and be thankful to Our God.

Miracle starts within ourselves!

We must discover and work on it! Discover anything here on social media that will be profitable and be an inspiration to us .Never, never give up!

I loved this quote: It may be stormy now, but it won’t rain forever. It is all about our faith, our hope that whatever circumstances we are experiencing it won’t be there forever. When the sun goes down, there’s always a promise the next day it will be coming out again. Even it is not guaranteed the next day the sun will be bright, and yet there’s always a promise of another brighter day.

To each her own, others might not be affected at all, they beautifully enjoyed life. On the other hand, some people put higher awareness about their safeties. Whatever precautions or choices you adopt celebrate life. Every little miracle all comes from Our God, it is everywhere, just noticed it. It could be your friends, or someone especial who is there for you. For others it is about their family.

The life itself is one big miracle!

We can all start a new beginning!

Keep believing and incorporate positivity!

Everything starts in our mind, there’s a power in there! .Being resourceful and patience in things we do in life can bring as ahead of anyone. That’s a miracle it starts right there in our brain, in our mind .

And miracle works in life with a good heart. A sincere heart and humble heart.


Where there is great love, there are always miracles

-Willa Cather-

Where there is hope, there is Faith. Where there is Faith, miracles HAPPEN.

Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles. Notice them.

To love, and to forgive,

And to love again

Is a miracle !


Nurturing love

Ends the doubts

Where miracle shines

Feel free to add your unique quotes about MIRACLE right down there 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by!






Last year she was all crying

The same day, different year

Seemed the weather is with her

The rain poured out hard

She wishes a simple thing

Her freedom to get back

God is good

The same date

Different year

She’s so happy

Nothing she could ask

Only a simple wish

To live in peace with harmony

Who says life is complete?

Yet she can’t ask for more


For the life, and good health !

Thank you God! 🎂🙏❤️