Disciplining our children

Nowadays, most parents encountered problems in disciplining their children! Since we are living in the computer age and technology has a strong influence on our children.

Children or teenagers from this generation are smarter and can reason out strongly as compared to my generation ( where I was born in the 60s ) We can hardly speak up or reason out otherwise you get your punishment.

Growing up in a strict environment tends to help me establish the importance of honesty, respect, integrity .I owe it to my father although I must admit being strict may not all be giving positive results. Other times it may result in negative feelings of children towards the parents.

What is the best discipline or correct way in disciplining our teenagers in this generation? Does being lenient will result in disrespecting us, or does being strict still work?

Talking from experience, since I grew up in very strict discipline I remembered talking to myself I wanted my son to not be scared of me when he grow up but I want him to speak up freely meaning I will be both a parent and a friend to him.

Time ran very fast and I woke up my child is now a growing teenager.Much harder to discipline and they are more liberated and advanced in their thinking. The more you lecture them the more they don’t want to listen. Other times as if you are dealing with one alien or stranger.

Whether late or not in disciplining our children, there’s no such thing as late or not. Although it is very important to discipline them when they are still young. There’s a saying it’s like bending a tree when its branches are still soft and redirected as compared to when they already had their mind.

Here are some possible ways to resolve the differences we had with our children!

1. Try to be friends with them

2. Listen to them

3. Giving unconditional and never-ending forgiveness and guiding them.

4. Arguments are not all a help but wait for the right time to deal with the issues ( perfect timing )

5. Pray for them .

Thank you for dropping by and I appreciate all your wonderful added insights here.


There is no great love for children

Then disciplining them!


Good morning

A good day start

Positivity lingers

You may write

Or do your workout

Perhaps a little check-in here

Do your tasks

Whatever it may be

Look at the sky

It looks gloomy

Yet I can see the beauty

It gives sensitivity

Always ringing

Let love swinging

Forget undoubted feelings

Run and run and run

Just keep moving

Dance and swing

Let the morning abrupt

Scattered doubts , undoubtedly

Just keep believing

Till every day, all morning

It all ended on a nice morning!

Good morning!


Overcoming anxiety, negativity, and frustration!

With the world that is going on right now, who can tell that life is easy? No one, except for those people who lived a very comfortable life, and yet it’s not all a guarantee that having everything at the tip of your hand, life, would be perfect!

When we are children we tend to live in a magical world! No worries, and we mostly just enjoy life. As children, we are dependent on our parents and our duties are just simply to play and eat and study our lessons, that’s how our world evolved. Yet, not all are very blessed, other children at a very young age tend to work to help their parents. Other children experience selling newspapers, flowers, etc to help their families. On the part of the parents, it gives them anxiety, and frustration, and yet they continue to thrive to survive together with their children. Sometimes parents are busy raising their children and oftentimes neglected to understand the importance of family planning.

Whether we are one Catholic or born again Christian, and have our practices about family planning, it all sum up to being one responsible parent. On the other hand, if we can manage to grow a large family then well in good.

Why family has an important role in society and what is the connection between anxiety, frustration, and dealing with all emotional problems physical, mental, and spiritual well-being? All starts within the family, then the community, and the society! Can we imagine if one responsible parent raises one happy family, then no one will be suffering getting anxiety that can inherit from parents and passed through their children? There are other areas where and how anxiety has been developed and yet if we study closely it all starts between a couple who get married and starts a family and eventually had their children. Whatever problems and struggles we went through in our life, we must admit those are the examples we passed on to our children. How we handle our difficulties in life, our struggles, and our frustrations will just continue to pass to every generation. Anxiety should stop and will be greatly healed starting from our own family!

Let’s get in more deeply into family problems. Not all children are raised in a perfect family! Others are blessed to grow both with their parents beside them. While others grow up either with their mother or with their father. Others grow up with their biological parents and others with their foster parents. Each one of us might experience emotional struggle at a very young age, however other children can cope easily while others might go through getting anxiety or depression. Family plays a big role in how children grow one mentally strong individuals or one surviving mankind. If you are the product of a broken family or one happy family, how you deal with struggles can limit getting that anxiety or depression in life.

How to cope with depression or anxiety?

1. It is important to open up with someone! Either with your parents or siblings or close friends.

2. If you need therapy, it’s a healthy way to overcome your anxiety. No shame in that, it’s acceptable by society and only means you love yourself!

3. Do some exercise!

4. Discover your hidden talent, it will help you feel good and will help you feel complete and stable!

4. Pray and increase your faith in Our God!

5. Believe in yourself

6. Be positive

7. Stay healthy, eat healthily and think healthier !

8. Be happy, smile!

9. Be inspired in life!


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Definition of healing and its importance!

If someone asks you to define healing, what is the best definition you can give?

Our bodies become lighter, our minds sharper, and our spirits lifted. When we undergo healing, we are more equipped to help others heal since we are going through the process. We can speak from places of love and light more fully instead of just places of trauma and despair! Source: Google

Healing is when we can accept all the despair, all our weaknesses, and changes, and overcome trauma, fear, and rejection!

If we will look around healing plays a big role not only within ourselves, our family, community, and society!

Let’s begin within ourselves! How you can say if you are healed or in the process of healing? Once we are healed, we are becoming new in the sense that we can easily adapt to changes. We no longer live in pain and we are not self-centered. If you had painful experienced related to relationships, you experience being heartbroken, everyone has his/her way and time how to mend a broken heart. Whether you are one adolescent or an adult and experiencing what we call “Puppy Love “, or experiencing first love, true love, or been from a broken marriage it is one great experienced and in exchange for that highness of emotions, there is time you can experience a painful one. How to deal with it and overcome those pain is all depending how you think. Other believe in one Cinderella typed and prolonging their stages of mending their broken hearts. For others they believe in the famous lines: Always put your brain above your heart! If we know how to apply those lines chances are we can easily adjust and healed our hearts.

How about when you’ve been traumatized? Again it’s all depending on how you carry it.If you want to be miserable then for the rest of your life you can lived with it. But there’s always a way out of being traumatized. Here are some practical advice :

1. Acceptance – means accepting that we are weak and you need help coming from your family or other institutions or your community!

2. Forgive and forget – if you know how to forgive, chances are you will find peace in your heart. Let the pain not continuously hurt you but make it one learning experience. Letting go means discovering new life!

3. Find your purpose in life – meaning it’s all about your mind-setting! Instead of living in despair, why not discover your purpose in life? From my own experience, I got to discover what can help me then, I interchanged how I can make my life more meaningful, I asked God to have a child and God gave me Jericho. I’ve got to walk in a life full of hope and love and giving and sharing my time and strength and unconditional love for my son. It’s one very fulfilling experience for a mother.

4. Keep on learning – there’s no age limit to learning! Discover what other talents and passions are hidden within us. If you know how to write, then share it with other people and be a witness, to how God makes you one stronger person. How God changes your faith in Him. Know where God is calling you.

5. Be active – being active socially, mentally, and physically! It all depends on what your body wants to do, for example disciplining yourself to do a workout regularly helps a lot.

Another healing is about our family, community, or society! If we look around we can see not everyone lives in modesty .Not all people has food on their table .Not everyone can go to school, and get an education. Others are being blessed in life and others need help. Have you crossed your mind on how we can be of help to someone? It all starts with simple gestures and acts. We can start with our own family, let’s face it not all families are perfect, there are products of a broken family…

Healing society all starts with healing our own family! Here is some practical advice to take :

1. Be sensitive – it’s another definition of being unselfish! Learn to wait, there’s a perfect time for everything!

2. Be Kind – not all fights are fights, learn when to be quiet and let things just pass by.

3. Forgiveness – when you know how to forgive, it always gives you peace!

4. Dialogue – it’s the most important key! Try to bring things to the table!

How do you define healing in yourself, in your family, your community, and your experiences in life, let me know by writing your thoughts down there!



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What are the important things you must gain at the age of the ’60s?

First and foremost we know that our life is not in our hands. Even if we wanted to live longer we don’t have control. On the other hand, what we can do is take care of ourselves and keep on doing what is best for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being!

Since we know life is temporary, how we can make the most of our limited walks on this earth?

Life is a process of a long journey. From birth, we are born very dependent on our parents. They will lead and teach us how to eat, walk, and learn what is life based on their examples or either through sharing their knowledge, wisdom, and principles in life.

As we go along with this life we evolved differently. Different experiences, struggles, successes, and learned lessons of life.Eventually we will be on our own . It’s so easy to say, but we know in reality it’s a long process, a lot of battles, and ups and downs of life. From the time we firstly went in school until we finished our degree and it takes almost half decades of our life. Next chapter we find ourselves working and those experiences we gained, , our first day at work, how was your experience way back then? How do you feel when you firstly hired or fired? When you were fired or either you resigned because the job doesn’t makes you happy or your income is not enough for you .

Next thing you will see, you are in love! And you will savor the sugar and the bitterness of how to fall in love. And the next thing you will get married, others remained single. Then here comes the hardships and moonlighting of marriage. For others, it is a paradise and others who are not so blessed might describe that marriage as one hell for them.

With that what is a success, is it all becoming rich or powerful? Or is it finding your purpose in life?

What can make us happy and be contented when we reach our golden age?

Here are the lists most probably manifested and we should enjoy then :

1. We attained the highest form of happiness – meaning we can identify material things as not all the focus of our lives and we can differentiate living in harmony through giving true love and affection with the person we love and expanding it with your family, and to the community.Since we know and believe that : No man is an island

2. We should be enjoying the fruit of our labor and has contentment in life.

3. We are no longer bothered by all circumstances thrown against us.

4. We can be an example to the next generation by sharing our golden thoughts, ideas and life experiences.

5. We installed our strong faith in Our God .

How about you, where do you see yourself in your 60s? What else you can add from among those simple life goals in your golden age?

The highest form of living

Is knowing and discovering

Its ups and downs

And knowing at the end

You can stand still

To breathe, to walk

And to have faith and hope

Believing life is beautiful

Have contentment

And yet keeps on learning

One day, someone might say :

You are right!

Just keep on believing !



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