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How our first Job affects our confidence and affects our life?

It might be boring or nonsense or not a good topic for everyone and yet this strongly captured my senses and interests!

Looking back to when we were young and started to discover the world and our existence and what is life all about we can therefore conclude it’s not only about how we are with our family but at the same time how we are outside our family.

For instance, ask yourself how your first job affects your total personality or behavior or how you establish your good rapport or good camaraderie towards other people. How do we develop our patience, and working ethic with our superiors and subordinates? Are we the type of employee or person who is kind and matured in sharing our knowledge or the kind of person who is selfish, do we really think who cares, meaning you want others to learn on their own? Are you best at delegating people, or the one who is people pleaser sort of, or do you manage to adopt and apply both of that character?

The other day I was talking to my son about how his first job might affect him. I told him my personal experience of my first job when I was young then which contributed a lot to how I changed my perspective in life I discovered people are not the same, realizing there are a lot of good people on earth, and my first job develops my confidence in the higher level.

What type of personality have you developed through the years of evolving and adopting and cooperating with other people? Does it make you a more kind and patient low-profile person towards other people? or does it makes you hard with other people? Our working environment is next to our family like how our school is next to our home when we are still a student right?

Then I remember my son told me people have their own will or choices! Either one person who experienced struggles in life might either be hard or good with other people. And his mind is liberated telling me both is acceptable whatever choices the person wants, meaning if he chose to make other people feel hard the same as how he experienced life then it’s his choice on the other hand if someone experienced good and he wants to be hard with other people, the same thing it’s the persons choices!

Exactly the same as how we are with the people we work with! We can help them by being a good example of how to be good and nice and a help to them by sharing cooperation, patience, and understanding. Or we can make their life working experience unforgettable in the sense they experience a hard one .

One day sooner or a little later our children will be thrown into the real world and will experience what is life, by gaining life experiences with other people they will be working with!

Here are some real-life experiences I can share and feel free to add yours!

1. Cooperation is one secret

2. Competition is good but guard yourself for self-entitlement

3. Don’t be shy to ask when you don’t understand something

4. Set boundaries

5. If someone asks for help related to the work, give your help!

6. Avoid gossip, avoid gossiper…it does exist…

7. Be kind

8. Treat everyone with respect and be respectable

9. Be loyal to the company you will be working with!

10. Honesty is always the best policy!

11. Focus on your work

12. I don’t encourage anyone to remain an employee for the rest of your life!

13. Treat everyone EQUALLY!

14. It’s not about the money you will be saved, but it’s the life experience you get out of it that will make you a better person!

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“It’s not about the money you can earn or save,

It’s about the life experiences in which you will get to be a better person! “





Our first teacher 
Our great disciplinarian
Our best cook
Our light in the house
Our great defender and protector
Our immediate doctor
Our caring nanny
Our best friend
Our secret confidant
Our best adviser
Our all-around home attendant
Our crying shoulder
Our best supporter
Our best driver sometimes ( oftentimes )
Our great giver of unconditional love
Our unbelievable Mother, who always forgives!

Happy Mother's Day!

Much Love

Making life more meaningful!

We are now living in the computer age, if you are born in the ’50s or ’60s there’s a big difference! How parents ruled their children, and how children are to their parents ( vise versa) We have those traditional Christmas or New Years celebration. Especially during the Lenten seasons wherein we celebrate Lenten season in very solemn ways. There are traditional fiestas and most teenagers then have their own ways to spend their free time playing those old types of games they inherit from their parents. Nowadays teenagers and their generations have their own way to spend their free time. Mostly they are now on their computer or gadgets.

You may observe the big difference! Each one is to his own preference. Others are busy with their job, as employees while others are busy making their own businesses, becoming successful and eventually prospering and making themselves established on their chosen path.

If you are born very lucky meaning you have parents who are well-secured before you are born, chances are your struggle is less as compared to people who are born struggling in life. And yet both are given the chance to survive and prosper in life. While the internet is the most in-demand and the most easier way to start a business it’s not the case for everyone. A lot are trying their luck and chance to earn. From dancing to singing, writing, blogging, selling online, and all related internet job-related concerns. From joining a lot of Internet programs or work and job-related events. Others try their luck in a foreign country, through modeling, painting, name it. Others love to travel and make themselves work as volunteer human beings to find their purpose in life.

Realizing at the end of the day most of us are aspiring to make our life more meaningful!

There’s a saying: No man is an island! Most of the mentors, philosophers entrepreneurs have one common word which is to EVOLVE! How you can be successful when you don’t evolve in the first place. How you can make your life be meaningful by living all alone.

Making life more meaningful doesn’t mean you must be like one of those famous writers, bloggers, dancers, singers, digital creators entrepreneurs, and models, or make yourself one Prince or Princess!

Life can be meaningful depending on our beliefs, faith, mindset, and the way we look at life!

A simple thing like seeing your parents or making them happy can make one life more meaningful!

Sharing your precious time with your loved ones is another one.

Being content and knowing what is your purpose in life can add meaning to your life!

Loving our children unconditionally makes our life even more meaningful for us parents.

Valuing honesty, truth, and discipline gives meaning to our life!

Achieving our dreams and goals and even doing the simplest tasks added meaning to our life. We are being fulfilled!

Doing good towards your neighborhood or someone in need added meaning to your life!

Visiting the sick, the prisoners gives comfort and in return, you both make your life meaningful!

Sharing your ideas, knowledge, and talent is another good way to make someone’s life and even your life more meaningful.

Volunteering for a home for the aged or taking care of adopted babies is surely one of the best ways to sustain a meaningful life.

There are countless ways to make others’ life and yours even more meaningful.

Whatever your calling, your purpose in life it makes sense and it is important, count it on and make it happen.

Life is meaningful when we serve and share ourselves with others, evolving, forgiving, loving, and being grateful, to sum it all…

Thanks for the read, thanks for your time! Love to see and read your insights ( feel free ) appreciate it much!




Describe a random encounter with a stranger that stuck out positively to you.

Do you think strangers are really strangers we must give a distance or you can be friends but with boundaries?

But who are those people we might be calling strangers? For me, the stranger is someone I didn’t know personally! Meaning I only know them very little and not knowing them personally. You can’t open up with them about your secrets or you can’t trust them initially and yet you may consider trying to be nice and civil towards them And yet it all depends, for example, if the stranger talks about how they like you or want to invite you for a date, that something foul. I mean you can’t go with a man for a date when he is a complete stranger to you. How about when you talk to the person you only met for the day and you talk about a business for example? Perhaps it is all again another kind of “it all depends “. You may learn from someone or stranger you talk to and meet in a day, depending on the interests and topic you are both engaged in. Nothing personal but all are business talking then you are not losing anything and you are not at risks .There are million ways how we can protect ourselves with strangers .How we talk, how we behave in front of them, our body language are all contributing factor when dealing with person you didn’t know at all or we called them — strangers !

On the other hand there’s a saying : no man is an island ! We are born to explore, evolve and learn . Believing to engage is to learn and eventually makes us more knowledgeable and the more you engage with people the higher to aim success in our lives .

Next time you meet a stranger , worry free but remember it’s how you interact and give your conversation and interest that’s matter . Knowing where you stand , what to say and what not to say matters . And always remember awareness , respect and politeness towards strangers we encounter will eliminates problem in dealing with them !

Thanks for the read !


Strangers are like staircase , they can pull you up or pull you down ! _Wewe_



Easter Sunday

A reason to celebrate

A new life a new beginning

God’s love is eternal

No despair

No sadness

No hopelessness

Just keep believing

Life is beautiful

Celebrate life

Celebrate love

Keep moving

Keep believing

Stand still

Rejoice and smile

Live and love

All the love God has for us!

God’s love is eternal


Who is She?

She’s sometimes scared and yet brave

She’s messy in doing all her tasks and yet pretty

She hates lying and never tolerance evilness

She’s busy and yet knows all her duties

She’s brokenhearted sometimes but deserved to be loved!

She gets angry but has a forgiving heart

She flared up too but has a golden heart

She’s not perfect but surely she’s an honest and decent woman!

She has her wants and dreams and knows the meaning of sacrifice

She has time and yet mostly forgets herself for her loved ones

She gets hurt but has an endless forgiving heart for her children

She accepted defeat and yet knows how to win in a Godly way

She acts like a man when needed and yet surely she’s every inch a woman!


A woman is supposed to live with honesty, truthfulness, and purity despite all her struggles and defeat that made her a good woman! ~Wewe~


The Abc of LOVE

An unbelievable love is a great listener

Believes blindly oftentimes

Cared too much

Dedicated to the love of her life

Expressive day and night!

Forever by your side

Good -humored is a must

Honesty is required

Irresistible and irrevocable

Jealous oftentimes

Kind-hearted and low profile

Love is as sweet as sugarcane

Magical, marvelous, and magnetic

Notorious sometimes

Oftentimes funny and crazy

Peaceful with the right person

Quantity means loving only one

Romantic and sweet

Sincerely and not giving up

Trust undoubtedly

Unforgettable and memorable

Valued and cherished

World of love makes our life go round

Xceptional believe it or not

Yes, that is true…LOVE

Zoom in and you gotta believe LOVE is all that we need!

Happy Valentine❤️

Love much


True love knocks on our door once in a lifetime, nourish it! ~ Wewe~


Good to aspire, assume, and be hopeful unto this year 2023

How do you describe your 2022, is it fruitful or one struggle for you? In whatever circumstances one thing we can say “ We thank you, God” we all survive, we are still alive right?

The year passes by and we are aspiring and assuming and hoping for this year. Do you believe in New Year’s resolutions? Can you perform it and meet all your expectations? Or you just realized it’s not all working applicable in the end. The more you convinced yourself these are all the things you wanna do, you wanna achieve, and you wanna change the more you did not end up doing it.

Perhaps if you are one aspiring writer then we assumed we can at least write once a week, we dream of making and writing the best article or we can blog the most interesting one. On the other hand, if you are more concerned about your health, then you aspire to do more exercises to achieve your body goal and healthy lifestyle.

Concerning personal life may be those who chose to remain single still chose to remain single or might have daydreams to meet their knight in shining armor! For those who are in a relationship then continuously maintaining good relationships might be your goal, while if you are in the stage of experiencing changes and struggles perhaps you wish to get the best resolution to your situation.

Life is a series of tiny mysterious pieces of both happiness and sometimes not-so-happy life. It’s how we dealt with and makes solutions to every situation. Good intentions are always a powerful secret to standing through the test of time! There’s always a saying “ you can’t keep a good woman down “

Achieving what we want for this year requires efforts and changes! When things not working favorably for you then it requires patience, and planning or completely turning back for the things you wanna change or leave for good and start a better perspective for a better you!

Perhaps the following ringing of perspective agendas might work for you and me as aspiring writers and bloggers that include our personal life! Let’s write it down and find out where we can best work on it :

1.Aspire to blog or write maybe once a week

2. Start to write your dream book or ebook

3. Keep in mind you have to keep on writing to be a good writer!

4. Don’t forget people who spend precious time with you!

5. Have patience and never lose hope!

6. Quitter has no place, hit your ball!

7. Count on the blessings and not the struggle !

8. Keep on learning , remember it is better to discover one thing than not knowing at all !

9. Read , imagine and evolve!

10. Work where you are good at , develop it !

11. Pay attention to our health , that alone are precious wealth !

12. Do some workout and exercise!

13. Keep your FAITH with Our God alive no matter what …

14. Be thankful in every situation!

15. Life is about sharing your life lessons , be one !

Thanks for dropping by , how about you what you assume , aspire for this year? Appreciate your thoughts! 😇🙏❤️


A writer writes with no end!


Thankful to all of you 🎄🥰🥰🥰🥰


Every glimpse

Every visit

Every effort given

Every hitting the button likes

Every appreciation

Every chance

Every encouragement

Makes all the writers say…

oh, I wanna keep going!