A dosage of health , beauty and Imperfections

Something beneficial, something worth the read ? Until beauty with imperfections pops in my head .

Is it really beauty first before the brain , or the other way around? Or none of those two mentioned above ? What is important, what is that mystery about beauty with imperfections? While I was meditating about life , about the world , about our existence? I can’t figure it out instantly . Suddenly , there is one qoutes crossed to the brain , written: “Your imperfections are marks of authenticity…And that is the beauty of you .

Have you ever realized being beautiful and brainy is a gift from God ? And being imperfect makes it perfect at all ? No one in this world was born perfect. In that essence it is easy to understood that we are created bestowed with knowledge to find where and how to boost and makes perfection.May not be physically, but perhaps emotionally? A true meaning of beauty lies not only on outside looks . More importantly that true beauty comes from within .A real beauty is when you know how to love sincerely. When you can be sensitive with other people needs. When you know how to forgive and when you know how to forget. Learning values in life is another kind of beauty . To be kind and compassionate speak so loud to be beautifully… beautiful!

While physically? beauty can be enhance depending on what we adopt and entertained and wish to developed and attained. An ordinary walking is a good form of shaping our physical body .It gives a good blood flow circulations and the more we walk, the more it gives adrenaline to our health . For others running or jogging gives them enough strength to make them more active. Whatever you chose and wish to master in giving self satisfactions that leads to physical strength and makes you feel younger that is all counted right ? It doesn’t necessarily we should be spending money to the gym to achieve a good and admirable body. Simply by looking to the internet or to any of social media accounts we could instantly make our own workout pattern to achieve those admirable shapely bodies with good abs , tone muscles, shapely legs and enhance behind .With our technology today , everything is just one click away .

With physical and beauty from within which among those two you are convinced that gives you meaningful at all ? Nothing is perfect in this world .But to be perfect means to love our IMPERFECTIONS and that is beauty .

Thanks for reading and I wish I make you smile today ! God loves us .


Patience means a lot , to extend your understanding with someone or generally speaking with people ! Or it might be your patience in getting result with your work out . Perhaps it could be patience in getting or reaching out on your dreams .

For others, if you’re BEGINNER ( like me) ahh …all things takes time you agreed with me ? Those questions how i will be able to established myself unto this world of blogging and all things related into it, again takes a lot of patience.

In life when things are not working on how we expected it ? We are sometimes frustrated or getting out off track. There are days we felt that slow moving right , something like one blue Monday ….

But I’ve realized it’s all about how we handled things or our mindset works for us. Meaning just do your very best . Everything either small or big , all will be working, may not be perfectly, but eventually we will be able to see a result or an outcome.

Patience is one amazing traits or virtue we can practice gradually and without knowing its already within us . Let me end this with one of my favorite qoute ” Have PATIENCE. All things are DIFFICULT before they BECOME easy. “

7 Lessons Learned In 7 Years of Blogging

Truly an inspirations for a new beginner !


The blog was James’ brainchild. It was September 10, 2011 and we were closing down our Charleston apartment to begin our second Round-the-World Trip. On the first RTW, communication was an issue, so he thought a blog would be a fun, efficient way to keep family and friends updated. Terri, on the other hand, wasn’t certain she wanted to live our lives that out loud, and needed some convincing.

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Hope and Faith

These are my two favourite and powerful words that always present and instantly pop up in my head !

Now a days , that the world we lived in are full of tribulations, struggles and temptations? When we are not equipped of strong faith that only Our God could bestowed us in our life, then life itself would be meaningless.

Look around , from across the globe a lot of people are struggling how they could get a good and comfortable life .

When I opened my gadget or go out and just walk or commute ? I’ve witnessed and heard people are struggling and trying to survive.. A lot of homeless people here and there .Or when I scrolled down to any of my social media accounts we could witnessed different news such as an earthquake, strong tornado, debate about abortion, and a lot more .

How about the world itself where we literally live in ? A lot of issues continuously circulating and keeps on happening. An issue about climate change for instance. And its terrible , and all those people and the next generations would be the victims of the effects based on how we treated this mother earth .

As a momma I am counting on myself with all those struggles , and experiences life throws in us .For example , my struggles on how I could raise my only child to become one God fearing child . How I can impart him all those values and principles and virtues my father taught me . How I can give him a good future and so much more .

Here I enumerated some of my personal learning experiences how to combat those worries and struggles!

1. Learn to relax

RELAX – this word relax works for me through my workout sessions every other day or at least three times a week! Mine is through practical ways , I’ve search from a lot of workout sessions available from a lot of social media accounts.By doing so , I don’t need to pay for any yearly membership fees .A good moved right ?

2.Pray and meditate

Pray and reach out with God ! This is the most powerful sword that works for me .When things are no longer controllable and I feel like there’s no one to turn to ? What a relieved it is that God is there 24/7 .Anywhere , any places, any circumstances God is always there .There is that verses in the bible that I always remember in times of my sorrow .When God promised Noah ( Genesis 9:13-17) that He will no longer destroyed the world again with flood . And whenever the rainbow appeared in the sky , I had this feeling God is looking down upon us .

3. Inhale and Exhale

Oh yessss , believe when I say it !

Just do it … inhale then exhale and you will feel better.


Nothing could beat a blue Monday or your one bad day , by striking a beautiful smile ! When you’re sad and alone and someone gives you a smile, it makes your world go round .Thou there are times we encountered uncontrollable circumstances , admit it or not ? One shot of smile does a lot .

Smile and the world will smile back at you!

That’s all, and hope you stop and try to take my cup of little practical learnings that somehow works for me .And wishing will works with you too! Thanks .