Who is She?

She’s sometimes scared and yet brave

She’s messy in doing all her tasks and yet pretty

She hates lying and never tolerance evilness

She’s busy and yet knows all her duties

She’s brokenhearted sometimes but deserved to be loved!

She gets angry but has a forgiving heart

She flared up too but has a golden heart

She’s not perfect but surely she’s an honest and decent woman!

She has her wants and dreams and knows the meaning of sacrifice

She has time and yet mostly forgets herself for her loved ones

She gets hurt but has an endless forgiving heart for her children

She accepted defeat and yet knows how to win in a Godly way

She acts like a man when needed and yet surely she’s every inch a woman!


A woman is supposed to live with honesty, truthfulness, and purity despite all her struggles and defeat that made her a good woman! ~Wewe~

By Writer's Lifebook

Mom and believer of God!

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