Good to aspire, assume, and be hopeful unto this year 2023

How do you describe your 2022, is it fruitful or one struggle for you? In whatever circumstances one thing we can say “ We thank you, God” we all survive, we are still alive right?

The year passes by and we are aspiring and assuming and hoping for this year. Do you believe in New Year’s resolutions? Can you perform it and meet all your expectations? Or you just realized it’s not all working applicable in the end. The more you convinced yourself these are all the things you wanna do, you wanna achieve, and you wanna change the more you did not end up doing it.

Perhaps if you are one aspiring writer then we assumed we can at least write once a week, we dream of making and writing the best article or we can blog the most interesting one. On the other hand, if you are more concerned about your health, then you aspire to do more exercises to achieve your body goal and healthy lifestyle.

Concerning personal life may be those who chose to remain single still chose to remain single or might have daydreams to meet their knight in shining armor! For those who are in a relationship then continuously maintaining good relationships might be your goal, while if you are in the stage of experiencing changes and struggles perhaps you wish to get the best resolution to your situation.

Life is a series of tiny mysterious pieces of both happiness and sometimes not-so-happy life. It’s how we dealt with and makes solutions to every situation. Good intentions are always a powerful secret to standing through the test of time! There’s always a saying “ you can’t keep a good woman down “

Achieving what we want for this year requires efforts and changes! When things not working favorably for you then it requires patience, and planning or completely turning back for the things you wanna change or leave for good and start a better perspective for a better you!

Perhaps the following ringing of perspective agendas might work for you and me as aspiring writers and bloggers that include our personal life! Let’s write it down and find out where we can best work on it :

1.Aspire to blog or write maybe once a week

2. Start to write your dream book or ebook

3. Keep in mind you have to keep on writing to be a good writer!

4. Don’t forget people who spend precious time with you!

5. Have patience and never lose hope!

6. Quitter has no place, hit your ball!

7. Count on the blessings and not the struggle !

8. Keep on learning , remember it is better to discover one thing than not knowing at all !

9. Read , imagine and evolve!

10. Work where you are good at , develop it !

11. Pay attention to our health , that alone are precious wealth !

12. Do some workout and exercise!

13. Keep your FAITH with Our God alive no matter what …

14. Be thankful in every situation!

15. Life is about sharing your life lessons , be one !

Thanks for dropping by , how about you what you assume , aspire for this year? Appreciate your thoughts! 😇🙏❤️


A writer writes with no end!

By Writer's Lifebook

Mom and believer of God!

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