Disciplining our children

Nowadays, most parents encountered problems in disciplining their children! Since we are living in the computer age and technology has a strong influence on our children.

Children or teenagers from this generation are smarter and can reason out strongly as compared to my generation ( where I was born in the 60s ) We can hardly speak up or reason out otherwise you get your punishment.

Growing up in a strict environment tends to help me establish the importance of honesty, respect, integrity .I owe it to my father although I must admit being strict may not all be giving positive results. Other times it may result in negative feelings of children towards the parents.

What is the best discipline or correct way in disciplining our teenagers in this generation? Does being lenient will result in disrespecting us, or does being strict still work?

Talking from experience, since I grew up in very strict discipline I remembered talking to myself I wanted my son to not be scared of me when he grow up but I want him to speak up freely meaning I will be both a parent and a friend to him.

Time ran very fast and I woke up my child is now a growing teenager.Much harder to discipline and they are more liberated and advanced in their thinking. The more you lecture them the more they don’t want to listen. Other times as if you are dealing with one alien or stranger.

Whether late or not in disciplining our children, there’s no such thing as late or not. Although it is very important to discipline them when they are still young. There’s a saying it’s like bending a tree when its branches are still soft and redirected as compared to when they already had their mind.

Here are some possible ways to resolve the differences we had with our children!

1. Try to be friends with them

2. Listen to them

3. Giving unconditional and never-ending forgiveness and guiding them.

4. Arguments are not all a help but wait for the right time to deal with the issues ( perfect timing )

5. Pray for them .

Thank you for dropping by and I appreciate all your wonderful added insights here.


There is no great love for children

Then disciplining them!

By Writer's Lifebook

Mom and believer of God!

17 replies on “Disciplining our children”

I find your dialectic between strict and lenient problematic. From an early age, listening to your child and explaining why there are parameters to their choices builds a sense that you have their interest at heart. In the end, you keep a firm but understanding line, one that shows some flexibility. You are not your child’s friend. You are their caring and loving parent who will always have a heart for them.
Having said that, parenting is not for the faint of heart. The main thing is be consistent in your expectations so your child knows what’s up.

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I can see your strong points and I agreed with you. Think there is something wrong with how I used to be lenient and being strict as to why in the end my son empowered me….and not able to adopt what you are trying to tell me now. He is not listening to me. How important it is for us parents to discipline our children and apply what you are trying to tell me here. Another factor I can see mother like me has a differently touched of discipline I mean we are more emotional and I may say not as firm as how man when talking about disciplining children. Thanks so much for your wonderful words.

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Greta tips. The perfect timing makes all the difference. When kids are upset, I’ve found that giving them time and space to think it out help immensely. And yes, praying for them is powerful and takes our requests to God. Happy New Year!

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