Definition of healing and its importance!

If someone asks you to define healing, what is the best definition you can give?

Our bodies become lighter, our minds sharper, and our spirits lifted. When we undergo healing, we are more equipped to help others heal since we are going through the process. We can speak from places of love and light more fully instead of just places of trauma and despair! Source: Google

Healing is when we can accept all the despair, all our weaknesses, and changes, and overcome trauma, fear, and rejection!

If we will look around healing plays a big role not only within ourselves, our family, community, and society!

Let’s begin within ourselves! How you can say if you are healed or in the process of healing? Once we are healed, we are becoming new in the sense that we can easily adapt to changes. We no longer live in pain and we are not self-centered. If you had painful experienced related to relationships, you experience being heartbroken, everyone has his/her way and time how to mend a broken heart. Whether you are one adolescent or an adult and experiencing what we call β€œPuppy Love β€œ, or experiencing first love, true love, or been from a broken marriage it is one great experienced and in exchange for that highness of emotions, there is time you can experience a painful one. How to deal with it and overcome those pain is all depending how you think. Other believe in one Cinderella typed and prolonging their stages of mending their broken hearts. For others they believe in the famous lines: Always put your brain above your heart! If we know how to apply those lines chances are we can easily adjust and healed our hearts.

How about when you’ve been traumatized? Again it’s all depending on how you carry it.If you want to be miserable then for the rest of your life you can lived with it. But there’s always a way out of being traumatized. Here are some practical advice :

1. Acceptance – means accepting that we are weak and you need help coming from your family or other institutions or your community!

2. Forgive and forget – if you know how to forgive, chances are you will find peace in your heart. Let the pain not continuously hurt you but make it one learning experience. Letting go means discovering new life!

3. Find your purpose in life – meaning it’s all about your mind-setting! Instead of living in despair, why not discover your purpose in life? From my own experience, I got to discover what can help me then, I interchanged how I can make my life more meaningful, I asked God to have a child and God gave me Jericho. I’ve got to walk in a life full of hope and love and giving and sharing my time and strength and unconditional love for my son. It’s one very fulfilling experience for a mother.

4. Keep on learning – there’s no age limit to learning! Discover what other talents and passions are hidden within us. If you know how to write, then share it with other people and be a witness, to how God makes you one stronger person. How God changes your faith in Him. Know where God is calling you.

5. Be active – being active socially, mentally, and physically! It all depends on what your body wants to do, for example disciplining yourself to do a workout regularly helps a lot.

Another healing is about our family, community, or society! If we look around we can see not everyone lives in modesty .Not all people has food on their table .Not everyone can go to school, and get an education. Others are being blessed in life and others need help. Have you crossed your mind on how we can be of help to someone? It all starts with simple gestures and acts. We can start with our own family, let’s face it not all families are perfect, there are products of a broken family…

Healing society all starts with healing our own family! Here is some practical advice to take :

1. Be sensitive – it’s another definition of being unselfish! Learn to wait, there’s a perfect time for everything!

2. Be Kind – not all fights are fights, learn when to be quiet and let things just pass by.

3. Forgiveness – when you know how to forgive, it always gives you peace!

4. Dialogue – it’s the most important key! Try to bring things to the table!

How do you define healing in yourself, in your family, your community, and your experiences in life, let me know by writing your thoughts down there!


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