A dosage of health , beauty and Imperfections

Something beneficial, something worth the read ? Until beauty with imperfections pops in my head .

Is it really beauty first before the brain , or the other way around? Or none of those two mentioned above ? What is important, what is that mystery about beauty with imperfections? While I was meditating about life , about the world , about our existence? I can’t figure it out instantly . Suddenly , there is one qoutes crossed to the brain , written: “Your imperfections are marks of authenticity…And that is the beauty of you .

Have you ever realized being beautiful and brainy is a gift from God ? And being imperfect makes it perfect at all ? No one in this world was born perfect. In that essence it is easy to understood that we are created bestowed with knowledge to find where and how to boost and makes perfection.May not be physically, but perhaps emotionally? A true meaning of beauty lies not only on outside looks . More importantly that true beauty comes from within .A real beauty is when you know how to love sincerely. When you can be sensitive with other people needs. When you know how to forgive and when you know how to forget. Learning values in life is another kind of beauty . To be kind and compassionate speak so loud to be beautifully… beautiful!

While physically? beauty can be enhance depending on what we adopt and entertained and wish to developed and attained. An ordinary walking is a good form of shaping our physical body .It gives a good blood flow circulations and the more we walk, the more it gives adrenaline to our health . For others running or jogging gives them enough strength to make them more active. Whatever you chose and wish to master in giving self satisfactions that leads to physical strength and makes you feel younger that is all counted right ? It doesn’t necessarily we should be spending money to the gym to achieve a good and admirable body. Simply by looking to the internet or to any of social media accounts we could instantly make our own workout pattern to achieve those admirable shapely bodies with good abs , tone muscles, shapely legs and enhance behind .With our technology today , everything is just one click away .

With physical and beauty from within which among those two you are convinced that gives you meaningful at all ? Nothing is perfect in this world .But to be perfect means to love our IMPERFECTIONS and that is beauty .

Thanks for reading and I wish I make you smile today ! God loves us .

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