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What are your combos in life?

One day, out of nowhere I’ve got to realize that there are some combos in life we didn’t know at all they exist and it’s a Gods gift to us to incorporate those I am calling “combos of life “

Our world is one busy world and not knowing sometimes where we are in it? If we will not make some reflections or meditations, then chances are we never know at all we are being eaten by this world.

Realizing what are those combos we matter in life? Is it about embracing the world alone, or is it just to survive, or trying to find our purpose in life? Embracing the world could only mean forgetting the one who gives Our life. Meaning everything was focusing not only on material positions but one by one without knowing it ( I assumed ) the world completely makes us detached from the true essence of life.

Power, positions, money, ego, pride, self-entitlement those are worldly eye-catching combos you agreed with me? There’s nothing wrong in getting to be rich, nor aiming for success, and yet we must guard ourselves strongly not to be greedy and to the point, we never know we are losing ourselves. In the end, have you realized everything in this world is just temporary, we come here and in time everything will be back all in ash?

When I was small, I remembered how my father strongly disciplined me about HONESTY! With hard ways and strict discipline, I’ve got to learn about its importance. To be honest, in all the things you say or do in life even if it may sometimes offend or make conflict or arguments or discussions, the point is…. let’s get the truth! And sometimes being silent helps as well. For there is that saying: In the end… the truth shall prevail! Believe in God, if you are honest in the way you live, God will be on your side.

How about another combo, sincerity?

Can we just figure out where the word sincerity starts? Take a look at its first word “sin” it’s a sign being sincere is all a hard thing? Either you are sinning because we are not sincere and on the other hand, if we live in truth, sincerity comes and sinning naturally becomes sincere.

Lastly, authenticity or purity! Authenticity is best described as someone who always has no hidden agenda or always has pure intentions toward his neighbors. Not manipulating or deceiving someone. Is it not good to live with purity?

How about you? Have you owned your secret combos in the way you live? Please feel free to add yours in here or let’s all get some REFLECTIONS on our combos of life , does it matter?

Let’s cultivate those hidden combos, believe that you had one in there.



Simplicity is a gift

It gives peace of mind

It creates a magic

No pretensions

No inhibition

You can walk freely

You can smile endlessly

You can dance

And hey you can write

And love sincerely

Simplicity means honesty

No complications

No playing

Just be simple

No doubts no cry

Hang on in there

Live in simplicity!



In long nine (9 ) months she carries you

At last, the waiting moment is over

Bravely she pushes you to get out

For us to be able to see

The beauty of this world!

To feel her caressed

Day and night

It was like 24/7 calling

She’s there with you

Checking, feeding, nourishing

Finally, you started to crawled

And stand, and walk

She’s your bamboo looking down and up with you

She loves you unconditionally

She protects you

Always there for you

No matter what

She always has

A big and forgiving heart!

She’s…your dear mother!


A cup of L❤️ve

Monday morning

Here’s a serving cup

It’s a sweet caress and a hug

Here comes Tuesday

One cup of tender kisses

You wake up

One sunny Wednesday

Sip it with hot morning forgiveness!

Oh hey there, now is Thursday

Why not try a cup of togetherness

And yay it’s Friday

Let’s try a cup of dance!

Nevertheless wow it’s here, comes Saturday !

Serve me a cup of flowers 🌹

Oh at last its finally…Sunday

It’s the best cup of love ❤️



Have you ever realized or imagined being happy or sad the secret lies just here on top of your head? Yes it is all in the mind?

In today’s world where technologies strongly influenced everyone sometimes, it can either makes you feel good or bad about yourself. Looking at those fancy stuff all over the social media platforms, you may either say: Wow, it’s something I wanna be or either no! It’s not my choice in life?

Realizing everything is just all in the mind! Wherever we are, we can instantly change our hardest and easiest circumstances, just by applying mind power. We can clear and declutter it all in an instant. We may plant in there all good and beautiful, all positive and encouraging vibes. In that way, we can instantly lead ourselves into healing. Healing comes from a good and clear-minded mentality. Most importantly when we learned to forgive.

What we have and what we have not is again one battle in the subconscious mind! When you look physically perfect then be thankful! How about when dealing with our imperfections, then again it is just in the mind. How we will accept and run those battles of imperfections will greatly affect our way of living. To be perfect just started in the way we think. Convincing yourself that you are far greater than what others may think about you is one secret.

All your life, have you ever asked or experienced belittling or someone putting you down? It’s one hurtful thing to experience, right? It may affect your relationship with the people that matters to you, within the family, within the community, and most importantly our relationship with Our God. We may experience madness, hate, or anger! When we are not aware of the effect chances are you may find yourself getting frustrated little by little. And yet, come on, realized that everything is just in our mind! This means, that allowing them to manifest that negativity, then it will affect your way of living. On the other hand, understanding the secret in reversing it may help you get through in winning those circumstances.

Wherever you are right now, maybe in your best or worse circumstances, think about the power and secret of mind power! May it works for the best of yourself may be physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Here I gonna end this short writing by sharing to you my own created quotes about mind :

To make you stronger or weak, there are the ABCs of the mind!

Love 😍,



A time with God

Now is Holy Week and mostly Christians, Roman Catholics are commemorating the death of Jesus on the cross.

For many of us, this is the best time to reflect, meditate, to do a detox from the things we most wanted. Others tried fasting, they avoid eating meat during this season, or eat much lesser than the usual serving of food they consumed.

We know we don’t need to do anything else just to practice and remember the death of Jesus on the cross. Just accepting that God is Our God and Saviour is the most important of all. To keep our faith in God and practice what God has taught us.

When is the best time you can spend time with the Lord? Think it is during the lowest point of our life. Or in every little and big circumstance, we are experiencing in the daily journeys of our existence. Either we are happy, we can instantly whisper and say : thank you God .Or at any time we are lost and have nowhere to go, God is there and we only need to open our hearts to Him.

Here I have some personal suggestions in keeping our faith with God :

1. Reflect – reflections to me is when I completely surrender myself to God and admit I am a sinner and I had my shortcomings.

2. Listening to Christian music is another thing.

3. Practice giving, this is the way God is teaching us that it’s only in giving He will make our life more prosperous. It doesn’t matter if we are giving a big amount or just a penny or giving your time to your children if you are a parent. Or just giving a ring to your loved ones will matter.4

4. Reading the Holy Bible is the best way in increasing Our faith in God.

5.Love your neighbors and tried to love the unlovable.

6. Respect your parents or the elderly.

7. Treat people equally and with respect.

8. Sing a song of praise to Our God.

And there’s so much more you can add here. Just remember God only dies once and not every year and there’s nothing we can do but only accept God as Our God and Saviour. And never forget to find time with God to reflect on the things that matter to us, and that is to keep our faith in God alive.

Keep safe everyone!

Love much,




Realizing Holy week is coming and got this title all about the beauty of nesting.

The world is like one road with different pathways. You can do so many things in life, from making your dreams come true, planning new directions, a new journey, or perhaps just getting some realization, reflections, or analyzing what you want most with your life? You can either aim for some time and moments all just for yourself, no social media, far from anyone. It’s a great time to mirror and reflect. Asking ourselves questions similar to; where I am going from here? What matters in life? Where do I go from here? Why I am here on earth? What is my purpose, can someone give living testimony to help someone dealing with the same struggles or experiences in life?

What happens when we reached the point where we are no longer influenced by the standard of this world? How do you put yourself into that sphere? It’s one great opportunity to take advantage of that magical gift of serenity. It’s a journey where you can relax your whole mind, soul, and spirit. It’s the best time to reflect. Best time to declutter things no longer serves your wellness. A mind is a great place and a strong battle for good and the bad. They say: everything all started in our mind. You can either be the happiest, contented, and at peace human being just by knowing it is all in the power of your mind. On the other hand, you can either choose to be miserable or not know it when your mind chose to live with it.

How important it is in discovering this secret, the power of the mind. Imagine, if we know how to command ourselves instead of ourselves commanding us then things will all be easy. Then discipline will come into the scene. We all know how discipline works so big in all areas of our life. Without discipline, we are like one lost soul. People who knew how to discipline themselves in little things in life can lead to a better version of themselves. Discipline now creates other good and strong values and traits like motivation, and determination, you will now learn to say no!

Saying no is important only if we come to adopt it to our everyday living. If your instinct is telling you to say no, then don’t just ignore that sign. Life is a long journey in discovering what matters in life. When we know things are all temporal and will eventually go in time, we can get that gift of contentment. In such a way not stop aiming for your dreams, but you are blessed to get to know hey I discovered the secret to truly happy and living with contentment. If you look at another side of the world and are mesmerized by its beauty chances are you will be unhappy and uncontented. To compare yourself with how people live and bounce with their life will serve you a plate of frustrations. But looking and counting what you have in life, will bring you to a higher self. Can we see how the power of the mind teaches us? You can choose heaven or hell by bringing yourself into all complications of life. If the world calls you to live in flesh, chances are in the long run without realizing that can lead you to all consequences of hard life in the future. Don’t wait that moment to come and interfere with your better future. Life is as simple as ABC, make it more twisted and go with the pattern of this world and you will find yourself unhappy and uncontented. Evolve in such a way you are learning the power of self-love, self-respect, integrity, sincerity, honesty, and learning to treat others fairly and you can never get out to the secret of a happy and contented life.

Talking to yourself is another secret! Listen to you, what she’s telling you? Discover the power of self-evaluation? When you reached that point you can manage to trust all your burdens, and happiness, to Our Lord, congratulate yourself, hey You won ! Distancing from worldly patterns or anything that can take away your peace is a gift of healing. Healing comes from joy within you. If we learn how to forgive and examine our faults, and shortcomings it’s a good way in discovering the healing of our physical, mental, and spiritual life.

Healing comes from knowing how to forgive, forgiveness is a secret to a peaceful life. There is that unwritten philosophy that is written : it is better to understand than to be understood, the same thing it is better to forgive than to live in anger or madness .It threatens our health, we know it is really hard to forget what others has caused us? But to live continuously with that pain can serve as a mental illness that can cause other effects in the way we think and behaved. Remembering whatever pain or setbacks others has done to us is a normal thing, but to live with it in such a way we will harm them or give a tooth for tooth actions is not good . Let go and…let God…

Here comes happiness, you will just laugh and smile knowing what a blessing it is you can use the power of the mind to live either in heaven or hell. You can now enjoy little things in life. A good nesting right?

Where is your nesting place, feel free to share it and I would love to learn from you!






In your life, it is up to what certain point you gonna use and stay with these three very important words. How are you gonna apply to someone very important with you, like perhaps with your spouse, wife, friends or any family members?

Talking of living, how you defined living- it is the condition of being alive. But how we can use living in another sentence like when you say they were living under the same roof, or I’ve been living in the same apartment too long with this person or with your family members or you may say: I feel like I just started living again Or you may say I can no longer take living with this person in one roof… In whatever circumstances this word “living “ put or defined where you are now, then I wish we all could wonderfully apply it and help us think wisely.

How about loving a person? Is it healthy continuously love a person who is no longer treating you correctly? When he’s belittling you or making you feel bad with his verbal abuse. In the Bible, we are being taught to forgive 70×7 times and we can still apply it but that doesn’t mean allowing a person to continuously hurt you physically or mentally. How are you gonna love a person when he’s no longer giving you respect or someone is humiliating you? How we can at the same time follow God’s words to love a person in case of couple situations when upon your matrimony you vowed to one another that in sickness and in health, in poorer or richer till death do us part you will love that person? Perhaps as much as we wanted, events, scenarios, and other contributing factors inside the marriage for example, or any form of relationship can affect whatever commitment we tried to meet

And as much as we wanted to love and stay in that relationship we opt to say: No! I’d rather get my freedom back…

And lastly, the word leaving..When is the right time to say: Enough is enough? How do you define leaving by the way? Practically for me, it is easy to define : it is farewell to one person or be detached or set boundaries? Leaving could be mean ending your relationship with one person? Or in a positive way, it can be mean leaving all those burdened that weigh you down for so long. Whatever way these “leaving” words bother or help your life I wish you could identify its best.

Happy Sunday everyone! Thank you for your time reading this Sunday’s thoughts of mine.


Why you can’t write ✒️

There is love

There is faith

There is hope

There are those words

Speak out loud

There’s no perfect

There’s no complete words

There is only

A heart that sings !

There is pain

There is health

There is life

Let’s all write

There’s a way

There’s a time

Why you can’t write




Notes: I am not a marriage counselor! All of my words here are base on my own personal experiences and opinion….



1.hearing both sides

2. Finding the truth

3. Protecting both sides

4. Be Neutral


Have you ever been to any kinds of relationships? Boyfriend or girlfriend, partner or into marriage either successful or not ?

Come to think of it , this space might not be enough to share and tackle all related to relationships or specifically related to either successful or unsuccessful marriage.

When two people involved in marriage separated or suffering from a lot of obstacles or ups and downs of marriage it is one big problem that all connected to them like their children, parents , brothers and sisters as well as those people who are out of the family like your neighborhood, or those who loves to gossiping around might all contributed in giving their own perceptions or personal opinion. Without even , asking : is it really Godly or justifiable to judge without knowing the whole story ?


We all know that both parties can give and share all their experiences to people close to them . Sometimes it might be misinterpreted or others might be misinformed of their real situation or the actual problem both parties had gone through in the course of their marriage or relationships.

Unless you are in the shoes of the person who is into the picture, we can never get the truth and the whole story.

And in trying to find the truth ,it’s either you will all be exposing details in order to be understood? And yet at the end of the day , if you are believer of God , you will chose to make those things in private rather than sharing it .

But , how you gonna deal in the situation when you’re being judge and you had that feeling of being condemned? Our conscience will always be our strong compass in dealing with it .When you know in your heart the whole truth and nothing but the truth , everything just don’t matter . Let them judge you , let them persecute you.


Even when your marriage is already dead or unsuccessful you will always remember that your wife or spouse is once upon a time a part of your life .

If we are saying we are a Christian, then destroying them is not a sign of being a Christian. Both parties has their own secrets only the two of them has knowledge about it . Sometimes it is better not to talked about it in whatever forms or ways , with the thoughts , it is not all a help if those very personal matter must be known like for example here on social media. It’s a way of honoring the memories of your unsuccessful-marriage.


What is by the way being neutral , especially concerning unsuccessful marriage?

It is about those people around them , I guessed hearing both sides without being biased is all a help to the situations. Forcing one parties to get back and save one relationship or marriage is not all the solution.

Perhaps we can offer a heart to heart talked , but with openness. As mentioned above , hearing both sides will do to the situations . People involved for sure in one way or another never wishes his/her marriage to come to an end . Who never wish a longtime and forever marriage , who never wants a whole perfect family ? Who never believed in the sanctity of matrimony?

No one wants to get old alone , sad and unhappy right ? But there are circumstances and events in our life that sometimes can no longer be fix but getting out of the situations is far more workable both for the parties.

To look from afar is much more easier than to get involved and be the subject matter . Why be so mean and act like one God when the two people involved has been suffering both from the consequences of their failing marriage …

Offering prayers , wishing them well to move on and finally claimed and embraced ACCEPTANCE are all what is powerful and helpful to people who is experiencing the tribulations of unsuccessful marriage .

How about you , how you participate in the life of your family or closed friends experiencing unsuccessful relationships? Your words matter to me !

Thanks for your time in reading this !

Much love,