Last year she was all crying

The same day, different year

Seemed the weather is with her

The rain poured out hard

She wishes a simple thing

Her freedom to get back

God is good

The same date

Different year

She’s so happy

Nothing she could ask

Only a simple wish

To live in peace with harmony

Who says life is complete?

Yet she can’t ask for more


For the life, and good health !

Thank you God! 🎂🙏❤️

Living under the Pandemic Era

It’s been a while since I make my blog in here !

Thinking what’s the best and interesting topic I could share and might give some readers a time to stop and put their time in reading my blog .

We are all facing a hard time with this pandemic, its effects, changes brought into our way of living, in our economy, in each of every family, community.

All of our actions were no longer carefree, you cannot just go out like for example not thinking and considering you must wear a mask or a face shield.

And yet some countries can now go back to the normal way of living. Since vaccines are available and has been injecting and they are more secure they’re being protected of it .

On the other hand, some countries are not yet given the chance to get vaccinated.

Does it cross your mind how this world we live in possibly go back to normal?

Where people were thriving, most people normally could travel.

Seemed life now is more on the internet, social media becoming more powerful and everyone looking at how they will get life through it?

Not all are given the chance to luckily go back to their job, others lose it.

Since technology is very powerful and it’s like a blade that could help you, make you or the other way around….

Here and there everyone were trying their skills, hustling isn’t it? A lot of free materials were provided, free courses are being offered .

You can pick up your choices :

Here are those interesting lists :

1. Making your own website .

f you are gifted of knowledge to write and share your insights, chances are you can get a try to create one and write all those knowledge and wisdom .In the long run you can benefit from it, if not to monetize at least you can share your experiences in life with other people ( others might learn from you )

2.Create your own social media accounts, like Instagram, FB, Tiktok, Pinterest, where you can make start selling your own stuff .But it takes a lot of patience. You must learn the secret in getting audience or followers, engaged with them and etc etc

3. Have you heard of Affliate Marketing

There’s a lot of ways we can learn about its secrets? Patience and determination in learning how to be successful in the affiliate marketing (do require it) .Reading materials, free courses online are available. For instance, we can follow those successful entrepreneurs to learn from them how they do it? You can find them on Pinterest, Tiktok. Just click on hashtag #affliatemarketing or #entrepreneurship

3.Drop shipping is another one ?

If you’re one busy bee and you’re bothered of physical inventory, shipment, and you are not good in making your own website? I’ve found an interesting online store. You may try AliDropship, there’s a lot of online stores similar to that one.You know the use of our friendly neighborhood Google. Just make sure it is all legit😇

But if you’re really good in putting your own store and do all the inventories, shipment, you can do so…

4. Improved our way of life through WORKOUT

Yes, it is not only making us feel good and better? But in the long run, you’ll benefit from it.

5. Writer

If you can write, you can be a poet . Share your imaginary and poetic thought on your social media accounts. Though… Never be discouraged, it takes time. Just continue developing your skills. They say: keep on writing ✒️

6. Learn Trading and Stocks

This I am new and interesting! If you’re a newbie here, then wish us all to learn all about it? You can find those successful people in trading and stocks on Pinterest and Tiktok. Again and again, click on hashtag stocks and trading. You can even download on their apps. Reminder…. make sure it is again…legit

How about you, how do you thrive and live under this pandemic era?

Are you making the most of it ?

Hope and faith in God are leading and powerful keys !

Stand up and move !

Be inspired and let’s look on to those people who are inspirational, who will keep us motivated and NEVER GIVE UP 🙏❤️

This is just my little observations in this time of Pandemic .

And I will be glad to know yours?

How you survive in this Pandemic era?

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Much Love,



One good read I’ve found saying: a wise man knows when to talk and not. We all know here on the internet a lot of articles we can find giving us advice and ideas on how we can probably hold onto our emotions.

The truth, it is not easy right? If we are going to dig deep down all about issues and concerns related to processing our emotions, then a thousand words are not all enough to tackle it. For instance, you are in a situation that suddenly triggers your emotions, you’ve been provoked, or let say someone hit your ego. In those situations how we can assure ourselves everything is under control? No one could tell actually. There are so many reasons why we can not control our level of emotions :

The following are a list of those emotional contributing elements :

1. we are hungry

Yes! Would you agree with me? When someone’s tummy is in trouble, chances are he can easily flare-up .

2. Heartbroken

It is not true, come to think of it? A person who is mending a broken heart is the kind of person who has that feeling of the high level of angry bird feelings.

3. Upset/Disappointed

Can you imagine making a joke to a person who is upset, disappointed either .Only if we know that person is dealing with that level of emotions, then we surely avoid giving additional provocative acts right ?

4. Financial difficulties

They say money is the root of all evil, and yet to have financial difficulties in life is much harder to carry on in your luggage. It occupies all your well-being when you’re not prayerful and hopeful it gives so many emotional disabilities. Chances are you’re easily losing your self-control in every situation.

Those listings are only a few of a lot of reasons why we are having emotional distress or hindrances.

Here, I provided some very realistic and natural solutions or remedies to process our emotions :

1. Pray

It is the most miraculous way I can do whenever I am in my hardest battle .

2. Stop / Breathe in, breathe out

It can relax our mind and body, resulting in easily come back to our senses.

3. Accept discussion not arguments!

There’s nothing we can not resolve when we accept the idea of DIALOGUE. Yes, there is magic in sitting down in chairs and accept that good talking.

4.meditation / workout

It is not only giving you the best shape, clear mind but most of all workout inspires your whole being. It makes you feel good, confident, and beautiful.All resulting in a lighthearted mind, soul, and spirit

5. Ask for help

Sometimes all we need is somebody to share our feelings right? When we open up to them, we feel good and things runs smoothly right?

How about you? What are your strategies or ways of processing your emotions? Please feel free to write in the comments below. I would love to hear your magical thoughts. Thanks for dropping by.

Much LOVE,



Lockdown you gonna heard it right

Stayed at home, figured it out

Standstill mirror it out.

Come out with something

Never be in doubt

’This the season, to adapt lockdown .

Nothing in between

Please bear in mind

Watered clear, or paint a black .

Effused mind enthusiast

Lot of reasons to make us alive,

Thankfully gonna make it alright.



The day is just one very ordinary and while sitting on the other end side of the bed, with my Tornado, suddenly I was all very inspired to write something here. Then, this ”One Lazy Afternoon ” pop up in my head.

The thing running in my mind is that, giving ourselves a rest is something that we will be benefited from it. As a mother to Jericho and one blogger and aspiring writer or poet, I’ve come to realize that whenever I am trying to force myself to meet all the end time of any activities I had, then the more I can not do it.

Here are my practices in order to get back on my track:

1.) worry not – the more we think we are running of time and be too much stressful, the more we are losing energy.

2.) smile – whenever we smile, the lighter the burden we had .

3.) feel good -avoid negativity, but rather look at things with inspiration and positivity.

4.) be thankful – To God, that we are all alive and putting in my head: JUST TO LIVE ONE DAY AT A TIME.

Those are just simple and very practical ways of practicing RELAXATION! How about you? Can you add some of your magical thinking to spend your ONE LAZY AFTERNOON?

Thanks for dropping by ❤️


A child staring into the distance
Looking for an answer
He found it in the book of life.

Therein lies the guide of life
Love, forgive, love the parent
And what is achieved is an abundance of life.

But the world is very colorful
You, me, we have the freedom to move
Choose the path to life.

In case of stumbling
Come get up, get up immediately
Trust God for the beauty of life.

Wewe Gamboa

Tick Tock in A Box

I’ve heard a voice shouting …..

Dorm 1 , Dorm 2, Dorm 3 , Dorm 4

Rising time !!!!

Yesssssssss Kuya, rising time !

Tick Tock , Tick Tock

Does your bed in TC standard ?

Fix it hear and there !

Have you brush your teeth?

Hurry , hurry , tick , tock, tick tock

Have you take a shower ?

Do it hurriedly and fast

But hey , have you prayed

Dear God be with us

It’s another day , please bless our way

Tick, Tock , tick tock

It’s another new day

And finally I was home

My tick tock

Gonna continues in there !

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