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vt.tiktok.com/ZSeFqGf2H/ Powerful 👌🏻🙌👏👏👏

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House and Lot for sale in Manila, Manila – Property #177278 | Zipmatch

Looking to buy a house and lot? Check out this house and lot for sale in Manila, Manila with 1 bedrooms , Property #177278. Find more houses and lots at ZipMatch. — Read on http://www.zipmatch.com/listings/house-and-lot-for-sale-in-manila-177278

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Another day, another weekend! We know living in Pandemic is such one very hard way to go back to how we are then? Wherein we can instantly make decisions and create a new plan without considering situations like how we are experiencing right now? Visualizing new dreams, creating a new path leading to a new […]


Weekend Roundup

Days running very fast Here you come, Monday I woke up, feeling inspired Everyone busy with their tasks Not knowing it’s Tuesday ! Another day, a new beginning People work, mindful and thriving We sleep and Wednesday arises! Workouts, self-care and some reads this day Hello, not knowing it’s Thursday! What’s up to this day? […]

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I can’t think of good read to write today, but then this powerful word cross upon my head and here I am truly inspired to write all things related to miracle. We all know we had this Pandemic all across the globe .And it stops our normal way of living. Others just patiently waiting on […]